Peaches & Pineapples Beauty was born from the idea that we felt a need for a brand that would honor us, women. All women.
No matter what size you are, what color of skin, age, shape.

With Peaches and Pineapples Beauty, we want us all to celebrate our beautiful differences and embrace our perfect imperfections. We would love for Peaches and Pineapples Beauty to become a community that will empower us. So, we decided to launch our first line of unique beauty products: fabulous eyelashes. Why? Because our eyes are the mirrors to our soul and by emphasizing them with spectacular lashes, we honor both our inner and outer beauty.

We want to celebrate our core values in everything we do: being diverse, creative, eco- friendly, honoring al skin tones and provide honest beauty.

We don’t tell our customers how to look but empower them to embrace the power of their imperfections by creating the looks that reflect their identity, mood, character, and culture.

For us, diversity is fundamental in creating an inspiring beauty product and being different is how we drive innovation forwards – the new generation of beauty.

By providing easy-to-apply products, tools, and advice, we encourage our customers to experiment, play with your looks, have fun and engage with beauty in a more open and free- spirited way.

Eco- friendly
Our eyelashes can be used up to 30 times or more. You just have to treat them with love; clean them after every use and place them back in their box.

To celebrate our beautiful differences, we decided to add colors that represent all skin tones. From a pale peachy pink to a strong dark chocolate…

Beauty without bunnies
We provide real, honest and responsible beauty for everyone, that’s why we do not test on animals, nor do we allow suppliers to conduct testing on our behalf.

Enjoy our webshop and our lashes.